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We are Roll Up Gate Specialists in Seattle

If you look around you while walking through the streets on Seattle late at night, after most of the stores already locked their doors, you will see that the amount of gates designs and colors is endless. From grill roll up gates, to see through store front gates, to solid heavy duty commercial gates, you can find everything in Seattle. And in order to provide service for this huge selection of roll up gates, you need to have a wide knowledge in the roll up gates field. You need to know how to repair different sizes and kinds of gates, and you need to know how to use your imagination, to provide your customer with the best solution for them. A solution that they did not even think is an option, until he met you.


After so many years in the roll up gates repair in Seattle, we have seen almost everything there is to see in the roll up gates field. From the person who wanted to have he’s bathroom closed with a small roll up gate, to the woman who wanted 24 old roll up gates for her exhibition. But when it comes to roll up gate repair in WA, we have learned one thing: Everyone want the service right now ASAP. We understand that need, since we know that if someone can’t lock the store at the end of the day and go home, and he must stay inside the store the whole night just because he did not know that there is a company that offer 24-7 service in Seattle (True story), then there is a demand for a 24-7 service.


If there was one tip we could give you (actually there are two tips) regarding a roll up gate, they will be the following: Do not ignore the need for maintenance, and do not ignore a problem , no matter how small it is.


Most roll up gates are exposed to weather damages such as rain and sun. And when installed in Seattle, where the winter is very cold, and the summer can get very humid, you can easily understand how important it is to maintain your roll up gate. It may seem less important, and you probably thinking that if the roll up gate worked fine so far, there is no need to maintain it. But this is a mistake, since the maintenance service is what protect the roll up gate and its parts, and what guarantee a long lasting perfectly working gate.